Ready to Run

The Accident

Anna was a 24 year old, vibrant and healthy young woman. She ran almost daily to stay in shape and was in the U.S. on a cultural exchange visa from the Ukraine. In 2017 her life changed in an instant when Anna experienced sudden cardiac arrest. She was rushed to the hospital but sadly Anna's brain was severely damage from oxygen deprivation.  


Help Received

Since Anna was no longer able to make decisions for herself, the Hospital diligently attempted to contact her family. The hospital contacted Stephen Mantell from GFS to assist where needed. The Hospital and GFS was able to make contact with a family member but matters became much more difficult with the additional language barrier. Due to Anna's religious and cultural background it was transparent that she needed to be home in the Ukraine with her family.  


Getting Anna Home

GFS worked with the Hospital staff to make the necessary arrangements to return Anna to the Ukraine. There were a lot of arrangements that had to be made through the coordinating flights, medical staff, associated costs, hospitals abroad, transportation vehicles and flights, customs and financial responsibilities. GFS was able to tackle every event that came about to ensure safe and effective transport for Anna. Stephen Mantell personally accompanied Anna on the long and grueling journey back home.  


Home Arrival

After an intensive journey through Newfoundland, Ireland and finally Ukraine, Anna was able to be transported an additional 2 hours to the closest hospital where her family was waiting for her. Her family was overjoyed and grateful to have her back home. Stephen was able to meet the family and learn more about Ukrainian culture. Over the next few weeks family and friends were able to say their goodbyes to Anna, she was eventually take off life support and died peacefully surrounded by those who loved her.