Hospital Discharge Support

Guardian Fiduciary Services partners with Hospitals around the World to ensure Client's get the help they need in the most dire events in life. Often times people are faced with health related emergencies and need a company that provides support to loved ones in difficult situations. GFS has helped many people through various situations like emergency care for those in a coma, life support and providing help and advise for hard to make decisions. 

Image by Samuel Scalzo
Image by Samuel Scalzo

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Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

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Woman & Doctor

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Image by Samuel Scalzo


Hospital Discharge Support Through Temporary Guardianship's

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Facility Placements

Placing patients from hospital's into assisted living and nursing home facilities, ensuring they have proper care, excellent attention and all necessary funding to enable the patient a better quality of life. Performing follow up visits to ensure the patient is receiving the right ongoing health care and fulfilled needs.


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Family Interaction

Providing support, relief and educated information to family members during a loved ones hospital stay. At CDM Corporation we aim to be there for families in difficult times, helping to make those hard decisions and assisting where needed. 

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Legal Representation

Having the authority by being appointed as legal representative for a patient to be able to make safe and sound decisions on one's behalf. Working directly with trusted Attorney's and Court's throughout the country to provide adequate and secure care for patients that might not have appropriate support. 


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Proper Funding

Filing and sending in applications for patients to ensure proper funding where needed. Working with companies such as Medicare, Social Security, VA benefits, various insurance's  and more by communicating with these companies on behalf of the patient and facilities.  

As Temporary Guardian, we are designated as the representative with the authority to make decisions about the person and their care. The guardian of an incapacitated person has the same powers, rights, and duties respecting its ward that a parent has respecting their unemancipated minor child. The authority of the Guardian includes, but is not limited to, the authority to make decisions on placements, medical treatment and providers of health care services. The Guardian also has the authority to deal with any local, state, or federal agency which is paying benefits to the client. 

The Temporary Guardian's authority includes the authority to consent, refuse, or withdraw consent to any and all types of medical care, treatment, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, medication, and the use of mechanical or other procedures that affect any bodily function. These decisions include, but are not limited to, artificial respiration, nutritional support and hydration, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


Temporary Guardians also have authority to authorize, or refuse to authorize, any medication or procedure intended to relieve pain as well as the authority to authorize admission to discharge, even against medical advise, from any hospital, nursing care facility, or similar facility and service. Authority is also granted to take any other action necessary in making, documenting, and assuring implementation of decisions concerning health care. This decision making process includes granting any waiver or release from liability required by any hospital, physician, nursing care provider, pr pther health care provider.


The Temporary Guardian may also sign any documents on the patients behalf relating to refusals of treatment, including, but not limited to, issuance of Do No Resuscitate (DNR) Orders, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments and support. GFS offers undeniable morals, responsibility and respect when taking into consideration the burdens of the treatments and whether the burdens outweigh the expected benefits when  considering the relief of suffering. GFS takes into consideration all variables which could factor into making decisions for withdrawal of life-sustaining treatments including expenses involved, quality of life as well as possible extension of life. GFS goes above and beyond to offer these services to help families, patients, clients and people when dealing with such difficult circumstances and strive to make conscious health care and life sustaining treatment decisions. 

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