One of our dearest Client's, Ms. G., is a 93 year old women that has been diagnosed with severe dementia. The Client was originally from Germany but made her way to the United States. She often has memories of her family and what is was like to grow up in Germany. So in 2019 GFS was able to put together a special trip to Germany for the Client.  


The Legal Process

GFS is appointed as Guardian and Conservator for Ms. G. and was able to make requests to the Court which were granted, that enabled her to travel with one of our Case Managers abroad. In March 2019, Ms. G. and the GFS Case Manager took off and headed to the beautiful Country of Germany. 



Upon arriving in Germany, Ms. G. (who always spoke English in America) was able to pick up her German language with ease. The GFS Case Manager was able to reunite Ms. G. with all of her family members that were still living in Germany, many of which Ms. G. had not seen in very many years.  


Germany Highlights

Taking a client that has dementia out of their every day routine has many challenges. The GFS Case Manager tackled and managed the trip with great success. Ms. G. was able to return to Germany, meet up with her family and spent the time cherishing her past. At GFS we strive to provide special moments like this to all of our client's. The Case Manager was able to hang pictures in Ms. G's room from this trip that she will forever remember.