Our mission is simple; To provide professional fiduciary services while incorporating care and compassion for our clientele and their families. As a service-oriented company, we strive to lead the industry by providing unmatched personal and financial services to our clientele.

GFS Services is conducted by a team of Professionals who pride themselves in providing a plethora of services from connecting clients to other top national and international professions, to helping the clients and their family through personal family challenges. By connecting with our clients and educating our team to each clients own specific needs, we are able to help them with various types of goods and services to provide a better overall life. 


Stephen Mantell

Stephen Mantell is the owner and operator of Guardian Fiduciary Services (GFS). With over 20 years experience in handling the care of others, he is able to connect with clients to ensure a better system for management both personally and professionally. Stephen has extensive connections with Attorney's, Judge's, Hospital's and Living Facilities globally. 

Candy Mantell

Candy Mantell is the co-owner and office manager, ensuring that our staff and clients receive the best care. Candy is the former owner of Senior Helpers care-giving and has extensive knowledge regarding medical care for our clients. 

Cindy D. 
Director of Accounting & Finance
Virginia N. 
Lead Case Manager

Cindy has over 20 years experience in accounting and finance offering only the best financial management to our clients. Cindy often works behind the scenes to ensure the stability, confidence and protection that our clients and their families seek to obtain regarding all of their personal finances. 

Virginia is our lead case manager, she has a background in health and personal care. The Case Manager often travels to visit clients providing care, observation, wellness checks, as well as maintaining face to face interaction with clients and facilities to ensure that every client receives the care and consideration they deserve. Virginia provides a welcoming face and one on one interaction with her clients that enables her to communicate the needs of her clients to their nurses, courts and facilities. 

Rachel & Sandra
Operations Manager and Support Assistant

Rachel joined our team in 2019 and has brought a fresh new perspective to the online database as well as the general office management. She handles a majority of the background work and helps to maintain communication with the court's and clientele. Sandra has a background in domestic abuse and health care, she helps with placing client's in facilities, medicaid, work load and more.